The Shot

You’ll find this piece here on Herstry. a great website set up to empower women through storytelling. My piece is in the collection of essays on Immigration Stories.

Here are some reactions to the piece, which is about an experience I had while getting a photo for a green card application:

A vivid cutout of a tiny portion of life. Exploded to encompass a huge and real issue. A moment in the Man’s lifetime. A lifetime in the woman’s moment.

… the narrator, with a sparse economy of words, speaks volumes about racism and discrimination in the land of the free … This is a first rate piece by a gifted writer. I can’t wait to read the whole book.

… evocative language, strong imagery, great characterization—an almost surreal look at American racism & xenophobia. It feels intimate in an uncomfortable way, letting the reader into the grossness that can happen in private moments.

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