Home, New Start

Moving in

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash
I brush you off 
Fur on sticky paper
Mulch on the driveway
Prints on my car yet to find its home in the garage
I see you 
Your friends
Under the trees I am yet to name
In my new yard
Moving the stillness from my office view
I hear you
Brazen tails
Against dry, winter Texan grass
Scurried escapes 
Sounds my dog retrieves 
For me
While my ears learn 
At their own pace
I catch you
Stolen purrs on the deck
In the moment
Before human awakeness
A pause 
But free to claim
This space
We left Ohio
To find ours
Your home
While we are still
Making it ours
Thank you 
For letting us
Move in
The inspiration

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